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Kratos' engineering professionals combine cutting-edge technology with quality craftsmanship to develop training systems that set a new industry standard.

As platforms advance, the training systems that are used need to advance with them.  Our maintenance trainers are sophisticated systems that allow the student to learn every moving part on our remove and replace computer-based trainers (CBT) and then apply that knowledge to one of our hands-on trainers.  Kratos is able to maximize training across the entire continuum, while reducing training time and lowering cost across the board. 

Kratos provides the knowledge and expertise needed to design and develop effective state-of-the-art maintenance and operational training systems.  Our portfolio features a comprehensive list of systems that cover many military platforms.  Changing demographics and budgets have presented problems for many military organizations, forcing them to look for new cost-effective training methods, such as Kratos' Maintenance Blended Reconfigurable Aviation Trainer (MBRAT), our blended reconfigurable maintenance trainer. With our new training methods we are able to not only lower cost, but also speed up delivery time and decrease the amount of time spent on full fidelity trainers. 

Fixed Wing
AV-8B Landing Gear Trainer

UH-60 Black Hawk Electrical Trainer
UH-60 Black Hawk Avionics Basic Electrical Trainer

Reconfigurable Vehicle Simulator-Armored Security Vehicle
High Mobility Artillery Rocket System
Multiple Launch Rocket Systems Trainer
M1 Abrams Hands On Trainer
M1 Abrams Integrated Management Embedded Diagnostics
Simulation Network Upgrades Plus Program

Parachute Overwater Survivability Trainer

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