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Kratos is extensively experienced in total training solutions including fully integrated schoolhouse solutions using simulation/virtual based environments supporting blended instructor led and student interactive presentations, hardware devices integrated with virtual media and SCORM compliant Learning Management Systems (LMS) implementations.

We have continued to advance our LMS technologies to better serve a wider variety of implementations and features. Kratos’ web-based LMS, Veloce, has been used globally by government and commercial customers, including the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Sony, GMAC Financial and Mitsubishi. While this implementation has served our customers well, our need to provide total training solutions including management of all combinations of training strategies led us to the development of our Blade LMS.

Our Blade LMS encompasses not only a web and distributed architecture, it provides a platform to integrate complete schoolhouse solutions including classroom control and Instructor/Operator System (IOS) features for virtual and hardware based maintenance trainers. It supports a customizable training portal for active instructor control of classroom and trainer events. It also provides a local SCORM 2004 active connection with local caching that communicates all data upon server connection for mobile training teams and disconnected training events. The simple and intuitive user and instructor interfaces have received excellent customer reviews for ease of use while providing powerful instructional and management feature sets.

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