Aircrew Training

Aircrew Training

Train Like You Fight!

Kratos provides industry-leading, high fidelity, fully immersive training systems and solutions to help ensure aircrews are trained and ready for successful completion of mission critical tasks.

Kratos aircrew training solutions include:

  • Fully Immersive Training Systems
  • Part-Task Training Systems
  • Mobile Systems
  • Aircrew Training Services

The Kratos product line provides a cost-effective, blended training environment combining virtual and physical components to maximize training realism for aircrew members. For example, the Aircrew Virtual Environment Trainer (AVET) and the Naval Aircrew Training Systems (NATS) specifically train crew coordination, multi-weapon aerial gunnery training, sonar sensor station, hoist search and rescue, and vertical replenishment on the MH-60S/R respectively.

Other Kratos part-task systems include but are not limited to; the Single-Position Arial Gunnery Trainer that provides Virtual Aerial Gunnery Training on H-1 and H-60 Platforms with virtual threat capability, weapon emergency procedures training, rounds fired, and rounds-on-target scoring. Kratos’Medical Support Equipment Suite (MSES) Trainer is a hands-on operational training for air ambulance missions providing aircrew the ability to train Medical Evacuation scenarios. Our Static Hoist Trainer offers aircrew the skills necessary to complete training tasks for vertical replenishment, rescue hoist operations, and rappelling.

Kratos aircrew training solutions can be deployed as mobile systems for use in local and remote locations, or we can host your training solutions in the Kratos Aircrew Training Center located in Orlando, Florida.

For more information about Kratos aircrew training solutions, contact us.

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