Aircrew Training Center

Kratos Aircrew Training Center workstation


When budget or time constraints prevent acquisition and ownership of a simulator, the Kratos Aircrew Training Center (KATC) can provide aircrew members with training equivalent to what they would have received on their own simulator or aircraft.

The KATC aircrew simulators provide a cost-effective solution by minimizing lifecycle expenses associated with simulator ownership while maintaining training quality. Classes led by experienced Kratos instructors include:

  • Aircrew Operations Training
  • Rescue hoist Operations
  • Cargo Sling Operations
  • Aerial Gunnery Operations
  • Hands on weapons training

Air Force Global Strike Command (AFGSC) has approved KATC’s AGT Simulator to be used in crediting sorties toward some of their annual aerial gunnery training requirements: further evidence that virtual reality is increasingly becoming a viable complement to live training.