Air Simulation Systems

Collage of platform trainers

State-of-the-Art Aircrew and Maintenance Simulators

Kratos blended training solutions integrate cutting edge technologies, aircrew and maintenance simulators and multiple types of instructional media, as appropriate, to develop non-proprietary, high fidelity training solutions that can be delivered quickly and with a lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

These include the Marine Common Aircrew Trainer (MCAT), a highly versatile trainer that can be rapidly reconfigured to support three different platforms (CH-53, V-22, and UH-1), and the Maintenance Training Device Suite (MTDS) and Helicopter Emulation Maintenance Trainer (HEMT) for the CH-53K, soon to be the Marine Corps’ critical land- and sea-based logistics connector.

U.S. and allied commands’ rotary and fixed wing operators rely on Kratos maintenance training solutions to optimize system performance and readiness to meet mission requirements Virtual and physical maintenance training solutions extend from initial skills training to advanced warfighter readiness training.