Mixed Reality Simulation Platform

Trainee using a holodeck VR trainer


The Kratos Mixed Reality Platform integrates technology advancements in gaming and simulation to achieve a fully immersive Mixed Reality solution. The Platform is comprised of three parts: 1 best-of-class COTS hardware and software products; 2) an Integration Engine that orchestrates the products and 3) flexible, versatile lighting technology that allows MR courseware delivery in any environment. The actions of each of the COTS devices are communicated to a shared central memory module where required actions are automatically triggered by the platform’s software. (i.e.: pine forest imagery in a simulated environment will trigger pine tree aroma; the pull of a trigger will trigger muzzle flashes.) The platform integrates sight, sound, smell, and haptic senses into training courses that can be delivered at the point of need.

Kratos Mixed Reality at the Paris Air ShowKratos Mixed Reality at the Paris Air Show