Small Satellite Solutions

Small Satellite Solutions

C2 to RF Signal Processing For Small Satellites

Small satellites, from single satellites to mega constellations, demand new and innovative methods of manufacture, launch and control. The growth of the small sat industry has been driven by design and manufacturing advances that have reduced satellite size, production costs and time by orders of magnitude; by new and cutting-edge launch technologies that are driving down launch costs; and now with a new and consolidated approach to small sat C2 and RF Signal Processing...a turnkey solution that is simple to install and operate, fits tight budgets, and can meet aggressive mission schedules! In short, an approach that avoids the complexity associated with ground systems designed for traditional, large satellites.

quantumGND™ transcends the cost and complexity of traditional ground systems with a pre-integrated low cost, low risk, fully functional turnkey C2 to RF system for small satellites. Comprised of three pre-integrated components: quantumCMD™ provides C2 for a single small satellite up to a small sat fleet; qFEP and qRADIO provide the baseband processing functions as required between the C2 system and the antenna. Together, these components deliver a virtual machine architecture that features plug and play design for simplified setup, automation tools for lights-out operation and complete situational awareness in one dashboard.

Designed as a turnkey system, quantumGND’s modular components are available independently for small sat operators with existing or planned C2 or RF ground system elements.

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