E2E Management Suite

Integrated Management of Satellite and Terrestrial Networks
Kratos has developed an End-to-End (E2E) Management Suite that collects data, correlates alarms and automates control across satellite and terrestrial network segments. The solution assures the availability, reliability and security of communication between distributed end points across heterogeneous transports.

The E2E Management Suite includes COMPASS® for Monitor & Control (M&C), NeuralStar® for enterprise management, NeuralStar® SQM for service quality assurance and Monics® for carrier management to deliver integrated monitoring, management and control of the entire network.

The E2E Management Suite’s key capabilities include:

  • 360° Visibility – provide visibility and service transparency from source to destination across circuit (satellite/microwave) and packet (IP) networks
  • Performance and efficiency - deliver effective management of network resources and satellite bandwidth to lower costs and optimize performance
  • Service impact, Root Cause Analysis (RCA) and event management – view IT infrastructure as a service rather than individual elements to deliver true RCA
  • Service Management - manage services across the entire network to improve service quality assurance and deliver visibility into customer impacting conditions to maximize revenue and reduce costs

To learn more about the E2E Management Suite, please visit the Kratos Communications website.

Our other products include:

  • NeuralStar® SQM - for service quality assurance across networks
  • NeuralStar® - for the unified monitoring, analysis and reporting on enterprise networks
  • COMPASS® - for the management and control of communication devices

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