Assuring the Availability, Reliability and Security of Terrestrial and Satellite Networks
Defense, government and commercial enterprises must be constantly vigilant regarding the health and availability of their space and terrestrial-based communications assets.

Kratos helps organizations maximize the performance and value from their satellite and terrestrial operations by providing a full spectrum of monitoring solutions. With its integrated Commercial of the Shelf (COTS) products, Kratos delivers End-to-End (E2E) monitoring and control across satellite and terrestrial networks to optimize network operations and assure Quality of Service (QoS).

Our products include:
  • COMPASS® - for the management and control of communication devices    
  • NeuralStar® SQM - for service quality assurance across networks
  • NeuralStar® - for the unified monitoring, analysis and reporting on enterprise networks
  • End-to-End (E2E) Management– for the integrated management of satellite and terrestrial networks

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