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Assess, Manage and Reduce Cybersecurity Risk

Cyber attacks are increasing at an exponential rate, and satellite communications are a prime target. With security threats intensifying and the reliance on commercial satellites by the government continuing to grow, the path to increased regulation is being paved quickly.

In the near future, cybersecurity legislation will likely require the application of NIST IA standards for all US critical infrastructure, including SATCOM communication. Effectively complying with these regulations will become a cost of doing business for commercial satellite operators and service providers.

To ensure an organization is prepared for upcoming regulations, Kratos offers a comprehensive SATCOM Cybersecurity Assessment (CSA). The Kratos Cybersecurity Assessment evaluates an organization’s cybersecurity posture and determines how well its information and control systems meet relevant regulations, standards and guidance.

Kratos’ SATCOM Cybersecurity Assessment helps organizations:
  • Increase visibility into potential threats to improve the cybersecurity posture
  • Mitigate threats by implementing effective and proven counter measures
  • Reduce risk to acceptable levels to ensure successful SATCOM operations
  • Optimize resources by prioritizing countermeasures against threats
  • Address audit and governance compliance requirements effectively

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