SATCOM Cybersecurity

Managing Cybersecurity Risk and Effectively Demonstrating Compliance

Satellite ground networks are migrating to lower-cost, interoperable IP-based technologies. The benefits in cost, performance and interoperability are tremendous; however, these newer systems also bring with them additional cybersecurity risks. As the trend toward end-to-end IP increases, so does the attack surface, placing mission operations and sensitive data at increased risk of cyber compromise.

Kratos’ SATCOM Cybersecurity solutions include products and services to help organizations ensure a strong security posture.

  • CyberC4 - is an integrated family of products designed for the unique cyber defense needs of satellite environments, including situational awareness, insider and external threat protection, system hardening and active defenses for total protection from cyber attacks
  • SATCOM Cybersecurity Assessment - evaluates an organization’s cybersecurity posture and determines how well its information and control systems meet relevant regulations, standards and guidance

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