RF Interference Mitigation


Kratos has the most comprehensive RF interference (RFI) mitigation products on the market to support day-to-day operations for satellite operators and bandwidth resellers so they can provide the best quality of service possible.

Kratos industry-leading carrier monitoring product family includes Monics®Net, Monics®Enterprise for advanced enterprise level carrier monitoring, the most accurate geo-location product, satID®, SigX™, which automatically cancels CW and sweeping CW interference and SatGuard to combat VSAT interference.

Kratos provides an unparalleled RFI mitigation system that integrates carrier-under-carrier monitoring, geolocation, and cancellation into a suite of products. Being able to identify important monitoring data, such as detailed signal-under-signal characterizations, simplifies the task of geolocating hidden carriers deliberately, or accidentally interfering with legitimate satellite traffic. And, like Monics, SigX uses advanced SAT DSP algorithms to characterize CW and sweeping CW interference and cancel it.

Having the elements required for RFI mitigation unified into an integrated solution provides complete scenario analysis and greater geolocation and cancellation confidence. With the combination of Monics, satID, SigX and SatGuard the process of mitigating the effects of RFI is much more seamless.

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