Command & Control

For more than 30 years, Kratos has been the leader in satellite Command & Control (C2) products and services with a long history of successful SATCOM NetOps execution of commercial, military, civil and intelligence community satellite ground segment programs.

Kratos has integrated more satellite ground systems than any other provider in the world, which includes the multi-mission Command and Control System – Consolidated (CCS-C) Program, which flies all of the U.S. Air Force’s Milsatcom Satellites (DSCS, Milstar, WGS, and AEHF) at Schriever AFB. Our commitment has led to the success of the DMSP IPACS ground system, TIROS PACS ground system, GOES N-Q ground system, as well as a key role on the Honeywell AFSCN SCNC Team and many other programs around the globe.

Command and Control (EPOCH)
The EPOCH T&C Server provides complete off-the-shelf satellite telemetry and command processing for operations and test environments. The EPOCH T&C Server provides front-end data processing, distribution, and command formatting as part of Kratos’ end-to-end database driven command and control solution, EPOCH IPS.

Under operator control from the EPOCH Client or Webic, the EPOCH T&C Server can manage a single satellite, multiple satellites from different manufacturers, or an entire constellation of satellites.

The spacecraft database is managed using EPOCH Database or XDB. Mission data is stored and indexed with Achive Manager. A collection of utilities allow for extensive data access and automation.

For more information please visit the Kratos ISI website.

Command and Control for Small Satellites (quantumCMD™)
quantumCMD™ is the C2 turnkey product designed specifically for small satellites. quantumCMD provides central data management of all core command, telemetry and ground Monitor and Control (M&C) needs common to small satellite missions.

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Web-Based Command and Control (Webic)
Webic, Kratos’ web-based integrated client, addresses the challenges of comprehensive situational awareness, multi-source client integration, and run-anywhere platform independence. By providing data and control from a whole suite of applications through a browser-based thin client, Webic integrates the control center environment to a degree never before possible.

Through the utilization of an open communication protocol, highly adaptable middleware architecture, Webic allows the user to communicate with diverse data sources from within a single webpage.

Fleet Automation (TAO)
Via a web-based or Windows-based client, TAO automates activities across systems within the control center. Authorized users can direct the flow of distributed procedures with additional users able to follow along with all operator input. TAO Basic offers automation capabilities integrated with the EPOCH products.

Integrated, Centralized Security (Cactus)
Integrated with Windows’ Active Directory, Cactus provides centralized role-based access control for a control center. Integrated applications, including EPOCH T&C Server, TAO, and Webic, provide authorized users with appropriate application and data access at the data-item level.