Strategic Advisory Services

Ensuring Information Systems Infrastructure is Manageable and Secure

Making the most of limited security resources is a daunting, yet critical task for commanders and federal cybersecurity officials.  Failing to implement adequate cybersecurity programs can have grave consequences, including loss of sensitive and personal data, threats to national security and poor Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) compliance.

Kratos’ Strategic Advisory Services provide expert security advice and guidance to ensure information systems infrastructure is manageable, robust and secure. Our Strategic Advisory services enable organizations to build and manage a comprehensive cybersecurity program; develop and maintain security policies and procedures; design and implement sound security architectures; and assess your agency’s level of FISMA preparedness.

Kratos’ Strategic Advisory Services include:
  • Security program management - build a sustainable security program to demonstrate regulatory compliance more effectively
  • Policies/procedures creation and review - improve security posture through sound policies
  • Enterprise security architecture - design systems and applications with confidentiality, integrity and availability
  • FISMA readiness - assess and improve FISMA compliance performance

For more information about our Strategic Advisory Services, please visit the Kratos SecureInfo website.

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