Independent Assessments

Cyber - Risk Management

Using an Enterprise Approach to Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V)

The majority of independent assessment work in the government is performed system-by-system, as each system is ready for review. This piece-meal approach can be detrimental to an agency’s overall security posture, introducing quality and consistency issues and offering little enterprise visibility into the agency’s overall certification progress.

Kratos’ Independent Assessment services provide a proven enterprise approach to independent verification and validation, including consistent, quality deliverables, enterprise-wide visibility into all certification activities and straightforward, predictable procurement.

Kratos’ Independent Assessment services help agencies:

  • Comply with federal regulations, standards and guidelines by using a third party assessment firm
  • Reduce costs by 25 to 30% by using a  streamlined, predictable procurement and standardized delivery process
  • Leverage a proven enterprise approach to independent assessments
  • Meet aggressive timelines for large assessment projects by using a scalable team of cybersecurity experts

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