Continuous Monitoring

Sustain a Secure Posture through Effective Continuous Monitoring 

As cybersecurity threats increase in volume and in severity, federal officials are grappling with how to implement a continuous monitoring program that improves their information security posture and ensures compliance with federal regulations and other relevant guidance. Cybersecurity professionals also realize an effective continuous monitoring program must adapt to the ever changing technology and cybersecurity threat landscape.

Kratos’ Continuous Monitoring solution enables organizations to sustain their security posture through continuous monitoring as specified by NIST 800-37, NIST 800-137, FedRAMP and other pertinent standards and guidance. We work closely with government agencies and other customers when interpreting and incorporating regulations, standards and guidance to ensure cybersecurity risk is identified, documented and managed up front and on an ongoing basis.

Kratos’ Continuous Monitoring solution helps federal agencies to:
  • Reduce the costs of re-authorizing and/or reassessing information assets
  • Improve their security posture and meet regulatory requirements
  • Ensure cybersecurity professionals are well informed regarding the latest regulations, standards and guidance

Video: Kratos SecureInfo CDM Solution

Kratos SecureInfo CDM Solution Video

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