SigX screenshot cancelling interference

Restore Communications by Removing CW and Sweeping CW Interference

One of the most common forms of Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) is unmodulated carrier signals including Continuous Wave (CW) and Sweeping CW caused by mis-aligned antennas, malfunctioning equipment and accidental and deliberate transmissions. Does your organization suffer the effects of this type of interference?

Traditional approaches to resolving this type of interference requires identifying the source and then working with the interfering party to mitigate the effects. SigX® a signal cancellation appliance, offers a completely new approach to resolving CW interference and accidental CW interference without the reliance on the interfering party. The appliance directly removes RF interference (RFI) from satellite communication links in real-time to protect valuable bandwidth.

Bandwidth Protection
SigX is a small form factor appliance that employs advanced signal cancellation algorithms to remove CW and sweeping CW interference. This includes cancelling up to four signals causing interference with any mix of static CW, sweeping CW, and less common saw-tooth or triangle waveforms from the protected bandwidth.

SigX helps to:

• Protect an organization’s revenue or mission by maintaining or restoring service

• Reduce support costs and troubleshooting time by accelerating the time to resolution

• Deliver a higher level of quality of service to customers

Cost-Effective Operation
By placing SigX on the receive side of the communication link, the appliance operates without the need for similar equipment on the transmit side. As a result, it protects point-to-point and point-to-multipoint networks. SigX fits between the downconverter and the satellite modem or demodulator.

It removes RFI from communication signals that pass through it. Since it adds minimal delay to the communications path and does not require added bandwidth, it preserves the integrity of the protected link. By working with existing communication hardware, SigX enhances network robustness by protecting bandwidth from interference while preserving investments and limiting impact to operations.

For more information about SigX, visit the Kratos Communications website

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