Carrier Monitoring and Signal Cancellation

SigX protects high-value communications by cancelling an interfering signal without the tools to geo-locate the source of the interference or the assistance of the interfering party.  In some cases, where the interference stems from a remote site like an oil rig, it can take considerable time to get someone out to resolve the interference, resulting in lost revenue and extended outages. Deliberate interference can be even more problematic.

In addition, since SigX is installed directly in the communications chain it adds minimal delay or latency into the communications signal. And since SigX requires no added bandwidth, it provides dedicated protection with no impact on operations and preserves current infrastructure investments.

SigX employs a technique called “blind separation” on the receive side of the communications, without the need for similar equipment on the transmit side, which many existing solutions require. As a result, SigX works not just on point-to-point networks, but point-to-multipoint and cross-beam applications as well, providing a far more expansive and cost effective solution set.

SigX works with all existing and new satellites. It provides the highest level of automatic interference protection for high priority carriers and works for most types and causes of interference, including modulated (SCPC) and unmodulated (CW and sweeping CW signals).

With SigX from Kratos you can assure:

  • Quality of Service
  • Interference-free communication
  • Time-sensitive delivery
For more information about SigX, visit the Kratos Communications website

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