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RT Logic, a Kratos Company, is the leading supplier of ground-based equipment for space/ground communications. 90% of America’s space missions use RT Logic products during their test, launch, or on-orbit phase.

RT Logic products test spacecraft communication subsystems at every major US satellite factory, and support space-lift operations at the national launch ranges. These systems form the backbone of the majority of the nation’s operational satellite Telemetry, Tracking and Command Systems (TT&C) ground networks and downlink critical high rate remote sensing mission data from LEO, HEO, and GEO satellites.

RT Logic’s newest offering, SpectralNet™, is the only commercially available product that digitizes RF signals for transport over IP networks, while preserving both frequency and timing characteristics, and restores the RF signals at their destination, enabling reuse of existing analog equipment

RT Logic’s line of test equipment also includes channel simulators, UAV, target and missile testers, as well as range test systems. Our systems enable comprehensive test and training activities without actual flights of assets through real-time, hardware-in-the-loop emulation of propagation effects rather than computer-based, off-line simulation. RT Logic’s test equipment is the cost-effective alternative to computer-based simulation and leasing flight time or satellite bandwidth.

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