Combat VSAT inteference with SatGuard

Identify VSAT Terminals Causing Interference in Minutes
Interference caused by VSAT systems is arguably the most challenging, time consuming and complex issue to resolve in today’s satellite environment. Today’s troubleshooting tools are not able to effectively pinpoint the terminal causing the interference to help resolve the issue.

SatGuard is a proven VSAT monitoring technology that can automatically and quickly determine the VSAT terminals causing interference to significantly accelerate the resolution process. SatGuard has helped operators resolve in minutes, revenue loss problems that have lasted weeks, months or longer.

SatGuard helps to:

Accelerate Troubleshooting
Identify interference caused by VSAT terminals in minutes instead of weeks and months

Optimize Workforce Productivity
Reduce costly staff time mitigating VSAT interference events

Improve Customer Satisfaction
Deliver better QoS for your customers

Assure Revenue
Minimize high contract penalties and SLA credits

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