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quantumCMDâ„¢ is the industry's first commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS), self-contained, pre-integrated appliance designed from the bottom up to meet the specific technical, mission, schedule and budget needs of small satellite operations. quantumCMD provides C2 for a single satellite to small sat constellations. It manages contact scheduling and execution on all passes, provides a single portal for viewing all ground and space status and consolidates data, security, and system administration tasks.

quantumCMD features:

  • Simplified set up with plug and play design
  • Powerful automation tools to minimize ops resource requirements
  • Complete situational awareness in one dashboard
  • Scalable architecture for singles sats to constellations with future growth
  • Fully Web-based, HTML5 user interface

With the command and control functionality to manage up to four satellites at once, quantumCMD has the ability to scale over time in order to meet your mission requirements. Specifically designed for small satellites, quantumCMD provides central data management of all core command, telemetry and ground Monitor and Control (M&C) needs common to small satellite missions. For supporting telemetry and command processing and ground and space connectivity, this commercial-off-the-shelf appliance uses standards-based interfaces. Pre-configured and self-contained quantumCMD includes all needed hardware and software to support both fully manual and automated mission operations. With anywhere access from its network accessible web interface, users stay connected in real time.

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