Monics Enterprise

Enterprise Level Carrier Monitoring

Monics® Enterprise extends the monitoring capabilities of Monics Net to address the increasing scale and complexity of today’s satellite environment. 

Optimize workforce productivity and enhance security with role based views
Monics Enterprise delivers User Access Control (UAC) to provide targeted role based access for diverse operations and engineering staff. It enables a system administrator to enable or restrict Monics system access based on roles with 35 application feature control points, measurement instrument prioritization and control of space segment visibility across the enterprise.

  • Enhances security – control system, application, features and space segment access across the enterprise
  • Accelerates troubleshooting – keep operators focused on specific responsibilities to address issues quickly

Enhance customer satisfaction by providing controlled monitoring access to satellite bandwidth
Monics Enterprise enables a satellite operator to deliver controlled access to real-time monitoring and analysis of satellite bandwidth for customers.

  • Delivers customers real-time visibility into the health and status of satellite beams and transponders

Reduces time from issue recognition to resolution with map based displays
Monics Enterprise provides an easy to use map based display of monitored satellites, beams and related collateral signals with status of monitoring sites. The more intuitive display enables less skilled operators to increase their productivity quickly.

  • Visualize satellite operations across the globe in a single view
  • Move from alarms to signal analysis much faster, within two clicks

Monitor and visualize entire HTS environment in a single system
Monics Enterprise empowers operators with easy to use map based visual displays of spot beams across the entire HTS environment.

  • View beam contours, monitoring sites and associated alarms
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