Growth in Small Sat and Tactical Smallsats

SatMagazine March 2014

Growth In Small Satellites Raises Questions Regarding Smallsat Fleets

By Vic Gardner, Kratos Defense & Security Solutions

Small satellites (smallsats) offer a unique combination of scaled down size, costs, and time to deploy. But what of the other components that make up the smallsat mission? Can command control (and ground segment management) be delivered with the same cost advantages that make smallsats so attractive in the first place, without compromised functionality?

MilsatMagazine May 2014

Tactical Smallsats: New Mission Capabilities

By Victor Gardner, Kratos Defense & Security Solutions

From NASA and the U.S. Department of Defense to industry giants and creative entrepreneurs, it's no coincidence so many organizations are embracing the weight, cost, and quick deployment advantages of small satellites (smallsats) and nano-satellites (nanos) for missions ranging from imagery to national security and essential communications for Warfighters.

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