Kratos Defense Delivers High-Fidelity UH-60M Avionics Training

UH60 Avionics Training

Kratos designed, developed, integrated, tested, delivered and installed the UH-60M Black Hawk Avionics Maintenance Trainer (BHAT) at Ft. Eustis, VA in May of 2010. The full size, high fidelity maintenance trainer provides an environment for training and evaluating utility helicopter service personnel in fault isolation and maintenance of the UH-60M avionics and associated subsystems.

The BHAT is made up of both a Student Station and an Instructor Operator’s Station. The Student Station consists of a high fidelity, full size cockpit, cabin area and transition section mounted on a wheeled platform for mobility. The BHAT glass cockpit is also equipped with simulated instruments, pilot and copilot seats and controls, center console and overhead panels. The Instructor's Operating Station consists of a podium style station containing the computer equipment, keyboard and monitors necessary for the instructor to conduct the proper training.

Trainer-unique computing equipment is housed in the fuel cell mock-up and the transition section contains simulated avionics and subsystems, which are accessed through the right side hatch. Also, the transition sidewall is constructed to improve ventilation and to enable easier instructor observation.

The BHAT supports all the critical tasks necessary to train MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) 15N10/30 Avionics Mechanics. This Kratos engineered training device, along with many other Kratos engineered devices, is currently being used to aid in the training of Army maintenance soldiers so they can contribute immediately to the combat readiness of their gaining unit.